West Java Railway Development

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Infrastucture, Utilities, & Transportation
Bandung City

Priangan_EkspressThe development of Wes Java railway has been projected by the Government of West Java. The government stated to continue the double track railway from north to the south. Furthermore, the railway from Cibungur (Purwakarta) to Tanjungrasa (Subang) will be cut.

There will be a shortcut from the center to the north, so the passangers and shipment from Cirebon to Bandung could be using the railway than to use the roadway.

Furthermore, the railway of Tanjungsari-Rancaekek will be reactivated, so does with Banjar-Cijulang. And there will be a railway optimisation for Jabodetabek area, and Sukabumi-Bogor-Cianjur-Padalarang.

According to the grand design of National railway in 2011-2014, the government has started to construct and develop the railway project, for example the procurement for 24 units of KRL, and has done the preliminary survey of the railway bridges in South Java area.

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