The Integrated Area of Sport Facilities Expansion “Si Jalak Harupat”

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Infrastucture, Utilities, & Transportation
Bandung Regency

The popularity of Si Jalak Harupat is in its grandeur after Gelora Bung Karno. This international stadium located in the middle of Kopo and Cibodas, sub-district of Kutawaringin, Bandung regency. It was build in Januari 2003, under the command of regent Obar Sobarna. This stadium has world class facilities, including:

  1. Soccer field.
  2. Hockey field.
  3. Softball/baseball field.
  4. Wall climbing.
  5. Archery field.
  6. 40.000 viewer seats.
  7. Other viewer’s facilities.


This stadium is always be developed to be the biggest and the most complete sport facilities in West Java. The development of indoor venue includes Badminton field, basketball field, ping-pong field, volleyball field, aerobic room, olympic-size swimming pool, self defense room, and boxing. While the outdoor venue includes tennis field, athletic stadium, and outdoor volleyball field.

Generally, the investment opportunity was offered as the development cooperation and managing Si Jalak Harupat. The investment opportunities, are:

  1. Development of recreational pool/waterboom area, measuring 9 hectare, with the value of Rp,00
  2. Development of Convention Hall, measuring 2.8125 hectare, with the value of Rp 62.700.000.000,00
  3. Development of Athlete Dorm, measuring 5.2089 hectare, with the value of Rp,00

Other than that, the supporting factors for this investment are the land which already released and notes as the asset of Bandung Regency Government. An intercharge in Soreang-Pasirkoja (SOROJA) highway in the area of the region which in the final stage of land acquisition.

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