Sukaresmi TOD Based Area Development

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Infrastucture, Utilities, & Transportation
Bogor City

Picture2The transit oriented development (TOD) is the exciting fast growing trend in creating vibrant, liveable, sustainable communities. TOD creates a compact, walkable, multi facility centered above a sophisticated railway system; potentially reduces the stress and travel mode depedency. Hence could TOD system could reduce driving by 85%, offers solution to contemporary issues like climate change and global energy security by creating dense and integrated communities and facilities as a result of reduction of driving and energy consumption. According to urban land use plan, Tanah Sareal District is designated as prime area of Bogor City. Thus, the implementation of TOD’s concept should be absolutely considered.

The proposed location of TOD area is in Sukaresmi which is a part of Tanah Sareal District. “Lawang Taleus” station will be a state of art railway station in the Bogor City, and provide the efficient train transport system between Jakarta and Bogor. Combined by bus rapid transit system, TOD Sukaresmi will reduce the traffic congestion on Jakarta-Bogor highway, and its connecting roads. The car users, Lawang Taleus station would provide park and ride facility. The Mall and office building would make life easier. Which contributes in pollution reduction and environmental damage, and energy conservation.

Investment opportunities at TOD Sukaresmi:

  1. Station building
  2. Terminal
  3. Mall
  4. Office building
  5. Park and ride building

Private institutions are welcome to make investment in this project in BOT scheme for maximum 30 years. Indicative investment schedule for TOD Sukaresmi (Area B):

2016: bidding document preparation

2017: Semester 1 Bidding process

2017: Semester 2 Construction

2018: Maintenance.

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