Meat Business Center

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Agriculture, Consumption Goods Industry
Food & Beverage, Livestock,_
Bandung Regency

Located in sub-district of Baleendah, Bandung regency. Meat business center is a slaughterhose of an integrated agribusiness system. The whole concept is to integrate livestock production sub-system, processing and marketing into a business location.


The place itself is measuring about 2 hectare, and already operated with a capacity up to 200 livestocks per day. The slaughtering process is based on SNI (national standard of Indonesia), and not only fresh meat and frozen meat products, but this slaughterhouse also produce processed meat products such as meatballs, sausages, etc. This slaughterhouse covers the city and regency of Bandung and  Jabodetabek.

The invesetment opportunity includes a development and the management of the salughterhouse. The investment value is Rp 26.619.606.000,00. With details:

  1. Recondition stalls, measuring 3.233 m2
  2. Development of the slaughterhouse, measuring 1.210 m2 for 100 livestocks/shift
  3. Development of meat market and office, measuring 2.864 m2
  4. Development of supported infrastructures.

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