Legok Nangka Regional Solid Waste Treatment and Final Disposal

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Banjar City

Project Overview

Legok Nangka solid waste treatment and final disposal is one of waste to energy development in West Java for greater Bandung. It will service 6 cities/regencies. It is planned to use thermal technology that produce electricity. Current disposal system still use conventional way, either land filling or open dumping causing land for final disposal becomes more limited.

Business entitiy is responsible for securing financing of the project. Investment repayment will be paid from electricity sales to National Electricity Company (PLN) and tipping fee charged to beneficianary cities/regencies.

Location: Legok Nangka, Bandung Regency

Waste input: 1.820 ton/day

Output: Electricity

Investment value: USD 245.000.000

Tipping Fee: IDR 386.000/ton or USD 27.38/ton

Total Area:  90 Ha

Land Status: Owned by Province

Project Owner: Environmental Office

Investment Scheme: PPP (BOT)

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