Greater Bandung Water Treatment Plant

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Banjar City

Project Overview 

Greater Bandung Water Treatment Plant is a project to cover the needs of water in Greater Bandung Area. It is expected that the availability of drinking water can improve the level of public health and increase productivity.

Based on delineation analysis that contains the number of population, built up area, and economic characteristic. It is predictid that West Java Province in 2025 there were 71 sub-districts in Bandung City, Cimahi City, Bandung Regency, and Sumedang Regency with a population of 12.8 million people.

There are 4 Phases in Greater Bandung Water Treatment Plant development plan.

Location: Greater Bandung West Area

Water Capacity: 5840 lt/sec

Investment Value: USD 277.95 Million

Coverage Area: 

Bandung City — 21 sub-districts

Bandung Regency — 16 sub-districts

West Bandung Regency — 7 sub-districts

Cimahi City — 6 sub-districts

Sumedang Regency — 2 sub-districts

Land Status: Owned by Individuals

Project Owner: West Java Housing and Settlement Office

Investment Scheme: PPP

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