Greater Bandung Monorail Development (Tegalluar-Leuwipanjang)

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Banjar City

Greater Bandung Monorail Development is a project which has 7 routes and gradually develop over years. Tegalluar-Leuwipanjang will become the first project to be developed. This construction includes TOD in several points and will be integrated with the high speed train Bandung-Jakarta station in Tegalluar. This monorail project will serve over than 40 million people per year. Because urban will continuously increase and more people are expected to come to this city. These are some information about the project:

Location                     : Bandung City, Cimahi City, West Bandung, Sumedang

Investment Value     : 3.7 Trillion IDR / 262,4 million USD

Project  Owner          : West Java Transportation Agency

Investment Scheme : PPP

In its development, the business model comes from the revenue for tenants in TOD station or regular station, advertisement, ticket and parking facilities provision.

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