Development of Cirebon Port

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Infrastucture, Utilities, & Transportation
Cirebon Regency

Cirebon Port is located in Cirebon Regency, Jawa Barat. It is a subdivision of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II or Pelindo II. This port is the main gate of West Java’s economic and an alternative port for Tanjung Priok Port, especially for inter-island trading.


Located about 250 km from Jakarta, and 130 km from Bandung makes this port a main path of West Java north beach. Cirebon port can be easily accessed via road way, either from Jakarta, Central Java’s province, or Bandung. This convinient access makes the goods distribution easier from and into Cirebon Port.

The facility in Cirebon Port that provided to serve the port are:

  1. Beach Radio Station.
  2. Cruise home port.
  3. Warehouse, field, and container field.
  4. Facility for loading/unloading goods.
  5. Clean water for cruise.
  6. Industry land, office, and public building.
  7. Hospital

This project will be finished by 2050, and could accomodate up to 21,714,830 tons of load every year.

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