Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan Toll Road

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Cisumdawu is 60 km toll road, which part of Trans Java Toll Road, that connecting Cileunyi – Sumedang – Dawuan. Overall, the used of the land area is about 850Ha.


The Construction of Cisumdawu Toll Road

On November 29th 2011, The Minister of Public Work, Djoko Kirmanto with the Governor of West Java Province Ahmad Heryawan had done the ground breaking of its project. It was done in Rancakalong Interchange – Citali Village, Sumedang Regency. Then on October 25th 2013, The Vice Governor of West Java Province, Deddy Mizwar, was looking around of this project. He hoped that this project would be finish in 2016, simultaneously with International Airport of Kertajati in Majalengka Regency.

Section of Work

This project is divided by 6 stages, there are:

  1. Section of Cileunyi – Tanjungsai as long as 12.0 km
  2. Section of Tanjungsari – Sumedang as long as 17.51 km
  3. Section of Sumedang – Cimalaka as long as 3.75 km
  4. Section of Cimalaka – Legok as long as 6.96 km
  5. Section of Legok – Ujungjaya as long as 16.34 km
  6. Section of Ujungjaya – Kertajati as long as 4.0 km

The Construction of Cisumdawu Toll Road

Cisumdawu Toll Road consists in six sections where first section, as long as 12.0 km, will be connecting Cileunyi with Tanjungsari (Rancakalong) which targeted to be done in 2018. The funding of the first section is estimated around Rp 2.1 trillion that would be taken from state budget and foreign loan.

In second section, as long as 17.05 km which now is under construction, will be connecting Tanjungsari (Rancakalong) with Sumedang Regency and targeted to be done in 2018. Budget estimation of second section is around Rp 4.722 trillion that would be taken from state budget and foreign loan of China.

Then in third and fourth section, as long as 32.6 km, will be connecting Sumedang-Cimalaka-Legok-Ujungjaya-Dawuan and direct access to International Airport of West Java (BIJB).  Its cost estimation is around Rp 5.105 trillion and planned to take an auction to the investors.

The construction of Second Section, which now is on progress, consist in two phase. The first phase progress, as long as 6.36 km, is 82.03% with the land acquisition of 93.31%. The second phase, as long as 10.7 km, is on a preparation of construction with land acquisition of 80.12%.  It hopefully be able to operate in 2018 and connect Tanjungsari (Rancakalong) with Sumedang regency, then it will reduce the traffic jam which always happen in Tanjungsari.

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