Ciayumajakuning Waste Treatment

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Banjar City

Ciayumajakuning Waste Treatment is the plan for waste processing located in Ciwaringin, Cirebon and the service will cover three regions. In about 55 hectare area, the plant will implement RDF and compost technology to process the waste. Around the areas, about 10 new cities will be developed which known as Golden Triangle.

Realizing growth of population, the city development (Golden Triangle) and estimated waste production, the plant will be contracted under PPP scheme, the revenue will be based on tipping fee and fuel sales. The major cost comes from initial investment in forms of capital expenditure.

The current policy tends to increase waste production. Thus the new waste treatment area which using advance technology is needed to decrease waste piles.

Location: Ciwaringin Cirebon

Investment Value: Rp 330 Billion – 23 Million USD (Capex), Rp 16 Billion – 1 Million USD (Opex for 70.080 ton/year)

Technology: Open for technology (current RDF and Compost)

Total Area: 55 Ha

Land Status: Owned by Cirebon Regency

Coverage Area: City of Cirebon, Cirebon Regency and Indramayu Regency

Investment Scheme: Public – Private Partnership

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