Bubulak Transfer Point

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Infrastucture, Utilities, & Transportation
Bogor City

The Bubulak terminal will be built in Bogor municipal area measuring about 2.3 hectare. Located in the border of Bogor City and regency, Bubulak is consider to be a strategic location for business development and an attraction for business investment. According to commission of urban planning, Bubulak area is a regional business development of West Bogor.


It was inaugurated at 2001, this transfer point is diveded into two. The first section is used for small public transportation (Angkot), and the second section is used for Trans Pakuan bus. Lately, this transfer point is also a departure and arrival point for angkutan perbatasan terintegrasi bus Trans Jakarta (APTB).

To fulfil the requirement, some public and commercial infrastructure should be provided. The development of Bubulak Transfer Point are listed below:

  1. Development of Hotel.
  2. Development of Convention Center as an iconic part of the area that could facilitate both international and national event.
  3. Development of Apartment for the local community, and a Condotel for the tourists.
  4. Development of Hospital, Mall, Office & Workshop, and SPBG.
  5. Development of Parking area.
  6. Depot for Trans Pakuan and a bus stop for the transfer point.

General criteria for investor

Have the ability to elaborate Memiliki kemampuan dalam mengelaborasi the idea of and efficient and environmental friendly transportation development infrastructure, also have a high multiplier effect.

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