Agribusiness Terminal of Rancamaya

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The agribusiness has been an interesting business lately and a high prosperity rate on the market. It also attracts investors of all sizes. Bogor City, located 190-330 meter above the sea level surrounded by fertile cultivable fields which produces fresh fruits, vegetables, and suitable for fish farming. The BOCIMI highway that connects Bogor-Ciawi-Sukabumi will facilitate the potential customers from Jakarta by giving a direct access to the center of agribusiness market.

Picture1Rancamaya is a potential strategic area for the development of large agribusiness terminal in Bogor. To support the business, a four-level building will be built in the agribusiness terminal area. The first floor will be occupied by central market and the rest will be a parking area.

The market will facilitate trading activity between farmers, and wholesalers in the distribution center. An exclusive parking area will be build for semi-trucks to support the trade flow. An agri-tourism area will be developed along the terminal to utilize the spectacular landscape. The tourists can also use the outbound, and cottage facilities.

Bogor minicipility has a land asset of 9.3 hectare. Furthermore, a small area engages in agricultural, fish processing unit, horticultural, and an ornamental fish market. The investment opportunity are wide open for the following development areas:

  1. Warehouse
  2. Freight Terminal
  3. Facility for sorting and packing food & vegetable stocks
  4. Central market
  5. Modern market.

The main criteria for investors includes the ability to integrate commercial area development of transport infrastructure of Bogor, and have a vision for economic and environment growth for the sustainability in Bogor.

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