Walini Eco-Valley




Kabupaten Bandung Barat


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Walini in West Bandung Regency is an area strategically located along the first High-Speed rail corridor in Indonesia that will greatly enhance connectivity between the major transit hub of Jakarta and Bandung. Walini becomes the location of one of the high speed railway stations to be developed, together with 3 other stations in Halim, Karawang and Tegal Luar. The current land use of Walini is dominated by tea and rubber plantation with the land status of Right to Manage (HPL) for 2250 Hectares on behalf of PT Perkebunan Nusantara VIII (PTPN VIII). The area is passed by Cipularang toll road and Bandung-Purwakarta main road With the availability of high speed railway station and accessibility from toll road and arterial road, Walini has potentiality to be a new township in West Java that consists of residential, commercial, educational and recreational area. The green valley character with attractive contour of Walini is very suitable for resort and recreational activities. By maintaining the existing natural conditions, industrial area can also be developed in the form of agro-industry. The project development of Walini is currently in the process of updating the master plan and feasibility study and adjusting the development plan with the Regional Spatial Land (RTRW) of West Bandung Regency.

The development plan consists of : 1270 Ha Township that comprises Transit Oriented Development (TOD), residential, commercial, educational and recreational area. TOD area is designated to support one of the high speed railway stations to be developed in the location. 980 Ha Integrated Agro-Industrial and Tourism area with the functions of Recreational, Commercial, Industrial and Residential.