Banjar City

    Banjar is one of the city located in the province of West Java, with a height of between 20 to 500 meters above sea level and has a tropical climate, and became one of the key region. Soil fertility Banjar generally classified as moderate (good) with a mostly smooth texture soil with soil types except the District of Langensari alufial in addition to having various types of soil alufial also podsonik yellow red soil while not affecting the level of fertility. Since inaugurated by the Minister of the Interior on February 21, 2002 Banjar has been running 3 years. In the development of Banjar is a traffic lane connector between West Java – Central Java – East Java, so it is expected to grow as a city of industry, trade, services and tourism for the eastern part of West Java. Extensive area of 13197.23 ha Banjar, located between 07 ° 19 ¢ – 26 ¢ 07 ° south latitude and 108 ° 26 ¢ – 40 ¢ 108 ° east longitude. Under Law No. 27 Year 2002 on the Establishment of Banjar, West Java Province approximately 113.49 km2 or 11 349 ha. Banjar is a small city in the east of West Java, Indonesia, on the border between West Java and Central Java. This city also known as Banjar Patroman or Pataruman.

    Banjar has the following boundaries:
    North Side, bordered by Cisaga District of Kudat district and subdistrict Dayeuhluhur;
    East side, bordering the District of Kudat district and sub-district Lakbok Wanareja Cilacap district, Central Java province;
    South side, adjacent to the District and Sub-District Lakbok Pamarican Kudat district;
    West side, adjacent to the District and Sub-District Cimaragas Cijeungjing Kudat district.


    ”The realization of the independence of Banjar, Faith Based and Taqwa As Gate West Java in 2010”


    Improving the Quality of Human Resources (HR) and Devoted believers; Raising Awareness of Law and upholding the Rule of Law; Growing Economic Power Society; Realizing Governance Professionals To Provide Excellent Service to the People; Develop Public Participation in Development; Managing Natural Resources (NR) Environmental; Optimize for Infrastructure and City Building


    The dormant train between Banjar and Cijulang, with a length of 82.385 kilometers, gives the beautiful panorama along the track, including hills and Pangandaran sea from above. The track has several old stations with class I, II, and III categories, has 3 tunnels, and one of them, the Wilhemina tunnel, with a length of 1,116 meters, is the longest tunnel in Indonesia; it also has the longest (Cikacepit) bridge in Indonesia, with a length of 1,250 meters and a height of 100 meters above the ground. The authority has mention to live the dormant train and will develop Pangandaran and Cijulang stations with still stay with the originals.