Bandung Metropolitan Urban Railways (Disperhub)


Infrastructure, Utilities, & Transportation

Sub Sector


Bandung Metropolitan Area (BMA)


Cindy Ramadhania Phone : +62 82 1166 298 93 Email :

Investment Value : 1st phase (CAPEX : USD 764,18 M, OPEX   : USD 182,9 M), 2nd phase (CAPEX : USD 722,2 M, OPEX  : USD 178.3 M)

Location : Bandung Metropolitan Area (BMA)
Investment Scheme : Public-Private Partnership (PPP )

BMA is located in West Java Province and consist five Local Government  Units, namely the cities of Bandung and Cimahi; the kabupatens of Bandung  and Bandung Barat; and five kecamatans of Kabupaten Sumedang. Bandung  Metropolitan Urban Railway is a public transportation project to support urban activities in Bandung Metropolitan Area. The proposed project has seven corridors and will be gradually developed. As the urban population will continuously increase, there is a need to develop an alternative transportation mode in Bandung Metropolitan. The project is also very strategic to connect Jakarta – Bandung High-Speed Train in Tegalluar and  Bandung city and also become one of the major drivers of the regional economy.