Sampurasun (Someah Group)


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Household Appliances


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Komp. Puri Ayana Gempol Blok D-8, Bandung, West Java - Indonesia


Bandung City


Contact Person: Angga Nugraha Phone : 0817 431 210 Website : Instagram : @sampurasun_bdg

SAMPURASUN is a local bag brand from Bandung, which is produced using digital printing canvass material combined with quality synthetic leather. Trendy designs and unique motif designs that are characteristic of the city of Bandung are the hallmarks of our brand as a superior product and a souvenir of ‘Bandung City’.

SAMPURASUN Bandung has a characteristic motif, which has a local cultural story of the city of Bandung. Collaborating with Bandung city designers, SAMPURASUN Bandung has a unique and “Bandung Very” motif on SAMPURASUN Bandung products, several series of bag motifs have been released, by highlighting contemporary things in Bandung such as the Bandung Culinary Series, Bandung Folklore Series and the very Best Series. The seller is the Bandung Champion Series.

Starting in 2013, with all the twists and turns of the business, finally SAMPURASUN can continue to grow thanks to the consistency of the product concept that elevates the local wisdom of the city of Bandung. SAMPURASUN itself comes from the Sundanese language which means “Greetings full of greatness” to the Sundanese people.

SAMPURASUN’s hope and aspiration is to continue to develop and improve product quality so that it can give more satisfaction to consumers at home and abroad. In addition, SAMPURASUN also wants to be one of the souvenir icons that will always remind customers of the beauty and hospitality of the city of Bandung. Remember Bandung, remember “Bandung original joke”.

In November 2020, it exported to 10 countries, namely NY, Brussels, Berlin, Bratislava, Sarajevo, Moscow, Harare, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, and Nursultan.