Glass and Brass Handicrafts (Lentera Gentur)


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Wood & Woordcraft


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Jl. Jati, Kp. Pasir Awitali RT001 RW001 Desa Nanggalamekar, Kec. Ciranjang, Kab. Cianjur


Cianjur Regency


Contact Person: Irfan Phone : (+62) 8122 3250 019 Instagram : @lenteragentur

Gentur lanterns are handicraft products made of glass and brass. This product is originally from the Gentur area, Cianjur district, so our business is called Lentera Gentur, because we want to take the philosophy from the area of ​​origin of the products we produce.

Gentur lanterns have many product models, ranging from decorative lamps, decorative lanterns, terrariums, ring boxes, dowry boxes and offerings, initially the getur lanterns only produced Moroccan or Middle Eastern themed lamps, but as time goes by and customer requests we produce various types terrarium-themed decorations, which are commonly used by people who have wedding organizer and home decoration businesses.

Starting to export since 2019, in the midst of the current pandemic, they are still actively exporting. In August 2021 exports to Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.