Dried Fruit (TYU)


Consumption Goods Industry

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Food & Beverage


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Muararajeun Kulon No. 1-D, Bandung 40122


Bandung City


Contact Person : Zahra El Maulida Phone : +6282117211270 Email : zara.elmaulida@gmail.com Website : www.ilovetyu.com Instagram : www.instagram.com/ilovetyu Tokopedia : www.tokopedia.com/ilovetyu Shopee : https://shopee.co.id/ilove.tyu

TYU (Ti-Yu), concentrate in the manufacture of dry foods or dried foods.

The products manufactured and marketed are Chewy Fruits, dried fruits that are processed at low temperatures to maintain their natural taste, color, and nutrition. TYU Chewy Fruits are made without the addition of other raw materials. No sugar, preservatives or artificial colouring. TYU Chewy Fruits is made from fresh fruit, that’s why TYU Chewy Fruits tastes really fruity.

TYU also collaborates with local Indonesian farmers. Fruit that can only be marketed by farmers is fruit with good gramation and shape. Fruit that does not meet these criteria is not necessarily a bad fruit. Sometimes farmers find it difficult to sell fruit that does not pass curation. TYU is here to help farmers process their fruit into healthy and quality products.

It is hoped that TYU can grow, develop and provide good benefits to others and nature itself.

Currently TYU is preparing a permit for export, it is expected to start export activities at the end of 2021.