Pandan Leaves



Sub Sector



Kingdom: Plantae (Plants)
Subkingdom: Tracheobionta (vascular plants)
Super Division: Spermatophyta (Produce seeds)
Division: Magnoliophyta (flowering plants)
Class: Liliopsida (single/monocot)
Sub Class: Arecidae
Order: Pandanales
Family: Pandanaceae
Genus: Pandanus
Species: Pandanus tectorius Soland.Ex Park

Growing Conditions
Pandan is a typical plant of the tropics. This plant will thrive when planted on the banks of rivers, swamps and in slightly humid places. But it should not be planted in the plains whose altitude exceeds 500 meters above sea level.

Pandan leaves have long been known as an aroma enhancer in food products, beauty products, to health products. However, at this time, pandan leaves can also be used as raw materials for making mats, bags, and various other souvenirs. Of course, the economic value of this pandanus craft is also high.