Regional Government of Bandung City Inaugurates Springs for Conservation Land and Public Spaces

Published 25 January 2023 | 02:39 am

PORTALJABAR, BANDUNG CITY – The Regional Government (Pemda) of Bandung City continues to open green open spaces for the public. Not only as a tourist spot, the Seke Buka Tanah spring, Pasirwangi Village, Ujungberung District also functions as a conservation area.

During the inauguration, the Mayor of Bandung, Yana Mulyana said that one of the assets belonging to the Bandung City Government could bring ecosystem benefits to the City of Bandung.

He also appealed to continue to inventory the assets of the Bandung City Government. So that public space can continue to be provided for the community.

“We have entrusted this place to the regional party to protect the spring which is also very beneficial for our downstream brothers and sisters. Because, without springs, there will only be tears,” said Yana.

He has targeted that there will be several more seke (springs) that will optimize their water discharge and public spaces. One of them is in Talagapasir and several other places.

“Because in the past, from the literature we read, the springs in the city of Bandung are getting less and less. Several factors occurred due to the impact of development,” he said.

Yana appealed to the community to also help preserve this spring, so that it can bring benefits for future generations.

“Hopefully with the presence of this public space together with seke conservation, the index of people’s happiness can increase,” he said.

In response to this, the Head of the Water Resources and Highways Service (DSDABM), Didi Ruswandi, admitted that some seke in Bandung City have started to reduce their water discharge and have even disappeared. Therefore, the construction of Seke Buka Tanah is one of the Bandung City Government’s efforts in nature conservation.

“This is part of the Bandung City Government’s efforts to create a comfortable city by presenting green open spaces and conservation. Seke is an environmental indicator. If the volume of fresh water is less, it means that the environmental conditions are critical,” explained Didi.

Seke Buka Tanah is located in RT 05 RW 07, Pasirwangi Village, Ujungberung District with an area of ​​2,750 square meters. The physical arrangement spent Rp. 198.6 million from the APBD. Drainage and canals valued at IDR 56.97 million.

“Bringing the theme Nature Lovers, this seke exists as a public open space that local residents can use to play and travel. The number of plants around this seke reaches more than 2,600 trees. In fact, residents also contribute family medicinal plants (toga),” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Bandung City DPRD, Tedy Rusmawan, said the presence of this seke was an effort to preserve nature. This is because in the city of Bandung there are many areas called seke, but sekenya no longer exists because the debit is decreasing.

“Right now we can see that there is one seke that we can take care of together. How difficult it is for us today to protect the environment because of the need for land for shelter. If we don’t try to protect it, it will run out and nothing will be left for our children and grandchildren,” said Tedy.

He hopes that the inauguration of Seke Buka Tanah will be a good start in 2023. Moreover, with the addition of two percent of the policy in the Regional Spatial Plan (RTRW) for Protected Paddy Fields (LSD).

“Hopefully this will be a good start by presenting a public space. We can use every inch of land either for conservation or to protect our environment,” he added.

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