About Us

    West Java Incorporated (“WJI”) was established to synergize economic development policies in West Java among stakeholders and business actors, particularly in the fields of industry, trade, tourism, investment, and financing so that they do not overlap, especially with the existence of regional autonomy. In addition, WJI also aims to achieve a diversified engine of growth that is evenly distributed in the West Java region and accompanied by local government plans to improve infrastructure (such as new toll roads, airports, and issuance of regional bonds).

    Specifically, the purpose of establishing West Java Incorporated is to improve the economy of the West Java region through increasing the competitiveness of economic actors. The special functions of the formation of WJI are to:


    Integrating cross-departmental/agency policies in order to encourage exports, create positive perceptions and increase the competitiveness of West Java;


    Improve communication with investors regarding investment potential and regional policies (requires IRU);


    Creating a positive perception related to West Java infestation, especially in facing the Asean Economic Community era;


    Opening market access for West Java exports to other countries through sharing the results of studies and best practices of international agreements in multilateral/bilateral forums, especially in the fields of trade and tourism; and


    The need for non-APBD funding is very high, municipal bonds (thus requiring WJI).