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The 4th West Java Investment Summit (WJIS) 2022

In order to promote potential projects in West Java, West Java KPw BI together with the West Java Provincial Government again held an annual investment promotion activity for the fourth time, namely The 4th West Java Investment Summit (WJIS) 2022. The activity will be held in a hybrid manner with the theme “Green Investment : Food Security and Renewable Energy”. This takes into account the urgency of investment in the food and energy security sector to mitigate potential global inflationary pressures and food and energy. Recent geopolitical conditions and the threat of climate change have weakened food and energy security, and West Java is no exception.

The said activities are held on:

Day/Date        : Wednesday-Thursday, 05-06 October 2022

Time                : 07.30 WIB – 16.30 WIB

Place               : Trans Convention Center Hotel Trans Luxury

Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 289 Bandung

West Java Infrastructure Forum 2022

Following up on the instructions of the President of the Republic of Indonesia in the 2022 National Coordination Meeting for Inflation Control to strengthen the synergy of inflation control at the central and regional levels as well as the 5 (five) directives in improving food security, development planning and utilization of supporting infrastructure for food security are needed to reduce supply and price disparities between regions and reduce transportation costs. .

In this regard, we intend to organize a coordination forum to strengthen synergies at the central and regional levels under the heading of the West Java Infrastructure Forum with the theme “Strategies for Optimizing Infrastructure in the Context of Economic Recovery and Price Stabilization”. This activity has the aim of formulating development policies and strategies through mapping priorities for meeting needs and utilizing infrastructure in West Java that can support West Java and National food security.

Day, date : Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Time: 07.30 WIB until finished (starting with antigen test*)

Place : Bale Pasundan 2nd Floor Bank Indonesia West Java Province

Jl. Braga No. 108 Bandung

West Java Industrial Meeting (WJIM) 2022

In an effort to provide added value and contribute to the West Java economy, particularly through the development of the manufacturing industry as a leading economic sector, the West Java Province Bank Indonesia Representative Office collaborates with the West Java Provincial Government, in this case the Industry and Trade Office, annually organizes the West Java event. Industrial Meeting (WJIM). The implementation of these activities will focus on the delivery of information and discussion forums related to policies from various agencies, both vertical and local governments. In addition, WJIM activities are also a form of appreciation to Bank Indonesia respondents as well as efforts to increase the engagement of Bank Indonesia and the Provincial Government to business actors in the processing industry.

The West Java Industrial Meeting (WJIM) 2022 will be held on:

Date and Day : Wednesday 15th June 2022

Theme : “Increasing Industrial Competitiveness in West Java Through Export-Import Ease Support: LCS and Various Other Supporting Instruments”

Audience: 150 C-level West Java Processing Industry Businessman/woman

Latest News

1 February 2023

Pursue Belief: Education Investment Must Empower Students’ Potential

Jakarta – Education investment should focus more on building a flexible learning system that empowers students’ potential, Tuesday (31/1/2023).

It’s crucial when technology is evolving faster than education services. This is a concern for Commission X of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia, because education investment is currently considered to be more spent on financing physical development.

This statement was made by Deputy Chairman of Commission X DPR RI Dede Yusuf at the General Hearing Meeting (RDPU) of Commission X DPR RI with representatives of the Foundation/Company for Vocational Higher Education at the Nusantara I Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (1/31/2022).

Based on the information he received, 70 percent of undergraduate graduates were unable to adapt to the industrial world.

“We asked the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) and HIPMI (Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association) as managers of the business world, they said that almost 70 percent of the undergraduate graduates were unable to accept the tasks given by the business world and the industrial world,” said Dede, his familiar greeting.

“Don’t let AI (Artificial Intelligence) take over our education world,” Dede further said.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party Faction Politician wants the education world in Indonesia to be able to catch up on increasingly dynamic technological changes.

Therefore, in the future, the existence of products in Indonesian universities can adjust to the needs of the business world as well as the industrial world.

“Don’t let us open a production or anything, the endings are students only get a bachelor’s degree but can’t work.

So, actually the biggest investment is not spent on the physicality of the building except for vocations because it requires a practical laboratory,” concluded the legislator of West Java Election Region II.

1 February 2023

The Coordinating Minister for Economy Says the Rubber Industry Increases Domestic Industry Investment and Progress of Domestic Industries

Karawang, tvOnenews.com – The Indonesian government made a Domestic Product Level (TKDN) policy through the Domestic Product Use Improvement (P3DN) campaign in support of the advancement of domestic industry and investment.

In this regard, the industry most believed to contribute greatly to the national economy is the rubber industry.

The contribution made to the growth of national GDP amounted to Rp69.07 trillion in 2021.

Even the rubber industry, especially in the rubber industry, rubber goods, and plastic, can record growth of 1.08% compared to the previous year of IDR 68.34 trillion.

Meanwhile, the export value from January to September 2022 reached USD 5124.9 million.

Coordinating Minister for Economy Airlangga Hartarto inaugurated the Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB), Bearing, Expansion Joint and Insulator Seismic Test Facility owned by PT Magdatama Multi Industry (MMI), in Karawang, West Java, on Monday (31/23/2020).

“This factory has a large capacity and this meets the needs of Mr. Basuki (Minister of PUPR) for road and bridge bearings. The raw materials are also almost all local property, both steel and rubber, and the resulting products also meet SNI,” he explained.

“Of course this is very needed, and it is in accordance with Mr. President’s direction that in development using domestic products,” he continued.

For your information, this company produces Magda LRB which has met high TKDN requirements to reach 78.75%, while another type of bearing, Magda Pot Bearing, has TKDN reached 57.71%.

Airlangga said, in the midst of an earthquake natural disaster, this bearing plant is considered important in strengthening development in Indonesia.

“In the middle of Indonesia which is prone to earthquakes, this bearing factory is important, and I talked to the Minister of Public Works and Public Works that this must be prepared not only for bridges and toll roads, but also for buildings,” he concluded.

In some countries the use of this LRB is mandatory because it can withstand up to 8 magnitudes of earthquakes.

If this is also required in Jakarta or some in Java, of course it will make the building flexible against disasters.

30 January 2023

GoTo Introduce Nusantara Coffee at Davos

JAKARTA, Investor.id – GoTo, Indonesia’s largest digital ecosystem that houses Gojek, Tokopedia and GoTo Financial (GTF), also enlivened the Indonesian Pavilion (Indonesia Pavilion) which was held in conjunction with the 2023 World Economic Forum (WEF) event in Davos, Switzerland. This year, GoTo brought in one of its business partners, Space Roastery.

This coffee brand from Yogyakarta was chosen for their persistence in building a business and facing difficult times during the pandemic by utilizing digital business solutions from the GoTo ecosystem. The participation of GoTo’s business partners in the Indonesian Pavilion is GoTo’s commitment to empowering and encouraging MSME capabilities.

This momentum is also GoTo’s real action to support the Indonesian government’s agenda at the global level in encouraging downstream industry and sustainable investment for investment equity to the regions, one of which is by increasing collaboration between foreign investors and domestic companies, especially for Indonesian MSMEs.

Since the beginning of doing business, Space Roastery has utilized the Tokopedia marketplace platform to sell online. Space Roastery also utilizes GoFood services to expand its market reach, as well as using various other business solutions within the GoTo ecosystem, such as GoBiz, MOKA, and Midtrans, for efficient business operations.

“We are very grateful to GoTo for providing an extraordinary opportunity for Space Roastery to be able to appear and introduce Indonesian-flavored coffee to the WEF 2023 international delegation at the Indonesian Pavilion,” said William Christiansen, owner of the Space Roastery business and representative of GoTo Business Partners.

While at the Indonesian Pavilion on January 16-20 2023, Space Roastery serves a variety of Indonesian specialty coffees such as Halu Pink Banana from West Java, Fine Robusta from Temanggung, Central Java, The Forbidden Fruit from West Java and Mount Prau. This coffee shop, which was founded in 2016, also serves one of its flagship menus, Kopi Gula Kelapa. The Minister of Investment/Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Bahlil Lahadalia and the Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland and Lichtenstein Muliaman Hadad also had the chance to sample their signature menu, Gayo Apple Cider, which is served as drip coffee.

William added, digital business solutions within the GoTo ecosystem are able to have a positive impact on business. He even managed to record a sales increase of up to 143 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year despite being hit by a pandemic.

“In addition, Space Roastery is also able to absorb the workforce by empowering around 60 employees and on average every month in 2022 we will be able to sell 1 million cups of coffee,” added William.

The digital business solutions presented by Go To are a consistent form of commitment to overcoming challenges and creating sustainable growth for more than 15.1 million business partners in the GoTo ecosystem.

To maximize the social impact created, GoTo also provides a variety of education and training through the GoTo Business Partner website and inclusive communities such as the GoFood Partner Community (KOMPAG), the Tokopedia Family, the Tokopedia Seller Education Center, the GoTo Financial Retail Community (KONTAG) and A Cup of MOKA. . All technological and non-technological solutions can be utilized by GoTo ecosystem business partners online and without any additional costs.

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